Rader’s got a lot of lines’ — and willing to sail in unchartered territory

Dorian Benn at Building Products Plus knows if he needs something, he can call Rader and they’ll move mountains to make it happen.

“We’ve developed a first name relationship with the people at Rader. We're in contact with them a lot — several times a day,” said Benn. “We get service. I try to teach our salesmen that we are the dock, and the customer is the ship. The more lines between the ship and the dock, the less likely it is to break loose. Rader’s got a lot of lines.”

Benn said he’s impressed with the professionalism of Rader’s staff.

“We ask Rader to do things other customers do not,” Benn said. “Sometimes we put them in unchartered territory — and they’re willing to go there to serve us.”  

Benn describes Rader as conscientious, friendly and reliable. He says he recommends them to other lumber companies on a regular basis.

“I don't know how many times I've recommended them, but it's more than I can tell,” Benn said. “If they don't already, they should consider me a good reference. I'm hard on them. If Chris wants to hear honestly how he can make his company better, I'm always happy to tell him. I appreciate the work they do.”

The staff at Building Products Plus trusts Rader not only to maintain their internal technological needs, they also trust them to recommend what’s next.

“We've used one software since 2008. I think we're ready for the next step — and I have no idea what that is,” Benn said. “Rader should be able to find us something more user friendly and effective, but also quite a bit less expensive to maintain. They look out for us.”