Putting into practice what they say about customer service

The folks at Montalbano Lumber in Houston have a list of reasons why they use Rader for all of their IT needs.

One of them is service.

“When we were in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, our power was out. We were scrambling in our 60-year-old building,” Joe Montalbano said. “It was the day after and we were trying to limp along. Chris Rader called and said, ‘We're on our way.’

Montalbano said he couldn’t believe it.

“They showed up and brought generators, water. I was so amazed by that,” Montalbano said. “I’ve never seen a company that puts into practice what they say about customer service like Rader does.”

The crew at Montalbano was also impressed with Rader’s service more recently when they began to have phone problems.

“I got in touch with them and asked, ‘When can someone be here?’ I was thinking next week. He said they’d be here after lunch — and they were. Once again, their service exceeded our expectations.”

Joe Montalbano says he’s dealt with a lot of vendors who have a lot of sayings — but he says the folks at Rader live their mantra of service. He’s also grateful for Chris’ deep industry knowledge.

“Putting his knowledge and tech savvy together was a good marriage,” Joe Montalbano said. “Sometimes we call and say, ‘I'm not even sure this is a Rader issue.’ And they hear me out. I've watched Rader grow from a small company to what they are now — and they haven't lost their human touch. They answer the phone with a human. I can understand them. I'm not a technical person and understand their explanation brought to my level.”

Montalbano said his company was looking for someone who could help them navigate new waters.

“I never felt like it was your standard sales pitch,” said Joe Montalbano. “Rader was very sincere about what he could do and could provide. When he told us he grew up in the retail environment of the lumber business, we knew this is a good match — and it’s been just that.”