Cybersecurity During COVID-19

This video “Cybersecurity During COVID-19” Tyler Robertson, Cyber Security Analyst of the Security Team at RADER, explains why and how the current pandemic is an easy vector for cybersecurity criminals to infiltrate systems. Being aware, diligent, and taking preventative measures is the best way to stay secure during these times, which Tyler discusses in detail.

Topics covered:

•    Why cybersecurity is critical during COVID-19

•    Current scope of cybersecurity threats

•    Netwalker ransomware demo

•    How to defend yourself against COVID-19 cyber scams

•    Five tips to safely work remote

About Tyler Robertson: Tyler Robertson was born and raised in Lafayette, LA. His professional life began with serving five years in the Marine Corps, where he worked as an Intelligence Analyst and Reporter both domestically and abroad. During that time, he witnessed a growing need for cybersecurity professionals to combat an ever-growing threat targeting anyone and anything connected to the internet. At the end of his contract, he enrolled at Augusta University to complete a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a certificate in Cyber Security. He has worked as a software developer for a nuclear plant in South Carolina and as a cybersecurity analyst for RADER here in Louisiana, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Cybersecurity online at Georgia Tech.

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