Using Virtual Collaborative Workspaces to Effectively Work Remote

by Angel Templet

March 25, 2020

Several companies have transitioned into a remote workforce to combat the spread of COVID-19. While working remote is the safest course of action, it is quite the adjustment for many. Rest assured that with the right tools, mindset, and plan of action, almost anyone can effectively work remotely.

The first question may be, how can my organization collaboratively work when we’re not together in the office? Thankfully, we live in a day and age that apps, software, and programs allow us to connect digitally in the safety of our own homes. The RADER Team utilizes Microsoft Teams in and out of the office to work collectively. You can access it conveniently through a web-based or desktop app with an Office 365 license. The chat, file sharing, and video capabilities just scratch the surface of how it can seamlessly help organizations work together.

When using any collaborative software, especially Microsoft Teams, keep these four things in mind for the best remote work experience.

Make the most of meetings and remember that it’s about the people in the meeting, not the tech.

Be inclusive and use your video.

Track notes, action items, and share frequently used documents.

Customize your virtual workspace to your personal preference.

Utilizing your collaborative workspace to its’ fullest potential will increase your productivity and your remote work experience as a whole. These tips and the resources below will not only help you during this time of need, but help you become more efficient in your everyday work life. For those that need help transitioning or migrating from file servers to Microsoft Teams, give the RADER team a call. We’re always happy to help!


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